Daily Prompt:Autumn Leaves

Given that my blog seems a bit short on readers possibly, i decided to write something on one of the
Daily prompts
That wordpress uses to help when you’ve hit a rut. The post is all about the changes in season.

Personally, i start to dread the longer nights. I do not do well at all with cold. The cold i don’t mind too much, but the ice and snow i really can’t stand. Everything grinds to a halt, and it gets much harder to get out and do things. That in turn has an affect on your mood as if you’re anything like me, you like to keep busy. Thankfully though, when it does get icey, i have a pair of yaktrax which are the best thing since sliced bread, as i would say. You hardly know there is ice at all, unless of course you forget to take them off when you go inside anywhere and you end up sliding all over the show.

Another thing i hate about Winter is the increase in bugs and sicknesses. I am a bit of a germaphobe so get rather worried about catching something.

So what does everyone else think about the changes from summer to winter?.

Snowy Icey White Stuff

Hey gang! It’s Ushi again. Mum let me on the computer for a while.

First of all, before I tell you about what we’ve been up to, what is this snowy icey white stuff? It feels all cold and bouncey and when I sniff it and eat it it’s all cold and feels really fluffy. Plus sometimes it gets on me, but when i shake it goes away. It doesn’t leave my coat wet like the horrible rain. Do any of you know why it’s here? Will it be here for long?

Anyway i’m sure you’re all wondering what i’ve been up to….

Did I tell you about learning a new route? Well I think it was about a month ago. The instructor who works with my old mum came out to see us. I must tell you though about our adventure before we started learning the route….

Mum decided to work me before we would go out. She said just to “calm me down” or something like that. We were doing the route to the shop where I have to “find the counter”. It was really really wet and horrible and windy. On part of the route I decided to be a wee bit naughty and get just a teeny bit distracted, but not so much that Mum would notice. She kept going, and noticed that something didn’t feel right. She kept getting me to go back, and even told me to “find a kerb” to give me a destination, but I couldn’t find it! The only thing I could find was grass. Maybe getting distracted wasn’t such a good idea? Mum ended up calling her mum to come and get us. I couldn’t understand where she came from though! Anyway mum followed her voice, and then we got on our way.

Mum was a little worried though as the instructor was going to be coming out soon. We got back in time just as the instructor came.

Mum left me in the house while she went out with the instructor. She took my harness though, so I don’t know what she was up to.

When they came back, I got to come. I got in the instructors car, and got to sit between mums legs. I liked that.

We drove out to where I find the shop, and then mum put my harness on. The instructor followed behind, while I tried to guide mum who was directing me.

I guess she took the harness earlier to help her familiarise herself with the route so she could direct me.

We went into a shopping centre! It was really really busy so I didn’t have time to get distracted. I had to pay attention and guide mum past all the people and stuff. Then I had to help mum find the coffee shop. We did it a couple of times just to make sure that mum knew where it was, and that I knew that mum would be really happy if i found it for her.

We then went home after that, but mum wasn’t sure where to go, so she kept hanging back. She does that when she is nervous, you see. It is bad though cause then I can’t guide her!

The instructor came out for a couple more days making sure that mum knew where she was going.

One of the days they had coffee in that shop, but I had to be a good guide dog and lie under the table while mum and the instructor talked.

I also got a couple of new toys! Mum baught me a Kong, and a rubber thingie that she could throw. I unfortunately broke that, but I love the kong! She can put stuff in it too, but i’m happy with her just bouncing it!

Things have just been the same really as usual, apart from me getting a new nylabone. It’s much bigger than my old one, and I love it!

The snowy white stuff came on Thursday I think. That night it was really slippery, so mum really got me to “steady” just to make sure we didn’t slip. She was all nervous and stuff too. We have only been able to do the really small route unfortunately. I keep rushing on the snow, as I don’t like it on my paws! Plus mum is all tense and stuff.

Mum decided to do the big route on Sunday, but at one point there were these naughty kids who kept getting me all excited! I tried to listen to mum, but as you know I love children! Mum corrected me, then it started snowing at one point, and mum told me to find a kerb, but i couldn’t, so looked for a more deffinet kerb. We ended up in a housing estate, so mum had to phone her dad to come and get me. It was just too snowy and it covered my kerb! Mum said that she couldn’t really pick up obsticles and stuff either.

Yesterday we were back on the small block route. I was naughty and stopped and mum thought there was an obsticle, but i just wanted to eat the snow! Then I couldn’t find home.

Today mum said it was too icey to work me. So she just let me play in it! It was all slidey and all, so I kept sliding!

Mum is getting a bit down about not being able to work me. I hope she can work me tomorrow!

Mum wants to groom me now, so am going to go here.

The good thing about the snow is i get to play in it, but the bad thing is that it’s cold and that we can’t work too well!

How are you all getting on in the snow?

Waggies and woofies,

Ushi Xxx

Yaktrax-Anyone Used Them?

Unfortunately over the last couple of days it has gotten much colder. This has braught home the fact that the old snow and ice will be on the way soon..

I hated how bad it was last year. It was totally horrible!! I am kind of dreading it this year, because the more snow/ice the less I can work Ushi, which I don’t want at all!!!

My friend baught a pair of “yaktrax” last year. These are rubber things that slip on over your regular shoes. They have little coils of metal or something on them to give you a better grip on the ice. The coils are curly so they don’t harm a doggies paws. Sorry this is just a brief description, but
This Website
Might tell you more. (Or else I could get my friend to email me about them and put it up here!). I think the website will give you more info though.

What I am really wondering about is have any of you guys used these? Are they worth paying the £20 for? Are they effective?

I’m seriously considering investing in a pair, but i’m just looking on oppinions first.

Thanks, and while you’re at it, does anyone own a “B type” guide dog harness? It has a wide handle? I just ask because I was a bit bored last night and took off my handle. I’m not sure if i put it on the right way (didn’t work Ushi today). I think the bend goes to the left? Thanks again guys.

We Have Snow!

Hi. It’s snowing here today. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooooooooo excited.

In other news, nothing much is happening. Just thought i’d let ya know. If anyone has snow where they are, enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!