Why Did I Let You Stop

It’s the Assistance dog blog carnival again, and i think i will get this in just in time as the deadline is later on today. The topic for this round is
I hmmed and hawed about posting as i really don’t know what i would regret, but i suppose this would be the closest thing to a regret as i think of. My only regret with Ushi apart from applying for a dog earlier is…her stopping.

When i got Ushi, everything was grand until about a week after we qualified. She first of all started standing at her kerbs instead of sitting, and then the stopping started. We’d just be walking down the street, and bamb, she wouldn’t move. There were no obsticles, no reason for her to stop. I even called my dad to come look at her paws which were grand. I did not want to go to the guide dog instructors, as i thought i had caused Ushi’s stopages but eventually i had to. The instructor said i should be a bit more positive, which worked for a few days, then she stopped again. They said i needed to be more firmer with her this time, so that worked for a few days and then she stopped again. Each time she stopped, we were getting closer and closer to the house. My dad said to just walk on and she would eventually have to come with me, but i couldn’t physically do that as i didn’t want to choke her.

The district team manager came out when i called again, which put the willies up me. He was the head instructor if you will. I really thought i was in major trouble. During this time of stopping, i wanted, or had thought of giving her back. I never told anyone this until long after Ushi was sorted as i thought they would come and take her away immediately.

When the head instructor came out, i was very nervous. I would have kept Ushi on the lead when i knew people were coming. Now, when he came, Ushi jumped up all 4 paws on his chest. I really thought i was scuppered, but he just ignored her. Now, she probably wouldn’t have done this if i hadn’t kept her on the lead. This was the first and last time she ever did this.

As for the stopping, he told me that Ushi was just being a madam and i just had to tell her to get on with it and make her go forward. I was so so relieved.

During all this stopping, i only worked Ushi once a day. I think that if i had kept working her twice a day if i could, she wouldn’t have put on weight which i couldn’t get off, which would have meant she wouldn’t have had to change foods. On the other hand, she had started to eventually refuse her food she came with, and she seems to enjoy her Burnes food that she is on now. For my next dog, i plan to have her on Burnes because it is a really good food. It is not just a food saying it’s more natural but it isn’t really, it really is a decent food. The food she was on before was very greasy and smelly. It also had lots of things i did not understand when i looked up what was in it. Thankfully the Burnes, while having some additives, these are mainly vitamins and minerals. Plus it feels nicer.

Anyway, we still have the issue of stopages, but i know how to manage them now. I do find myself over annalising them though since she is 6. I really do hope she will let me know when she doesn’t want to work any more.

My secondary regret would be that i am not so nervous with my next dog since i know the ropes, but i just wanted to get everything right.

This has been my entry for the 17th ADBC. I’ll post the submissions when they are compiled.

Thanks to Brook from
Ruled by paws
for the topic idea.

This Time Last Year…A Solution!

I’m finally catching up on all those blog posts i was writing over the past couple of days.

We had a visit from the
District team manager
Last year. I was so nervous since he was the manager and thought i had done someting to make her stop.

Ushi jumped up on the manager when he came to the house which i was mortified about! Thankfully he was okay with it and she hasn’t really done it since.

He discovered her little whines she used to do but doesn’t do any more while working.

We didn’t go straight up to the kerb outside our house and sometimes we don’t do that since she will stop if we do go up to the kerb and turn right sometimes.

Thankfully the stopping did stop and when she does it now i know how to deal with it and just tell her to get on with it. I sometimes sound like i want to kill her!

In the next post in this series, Ushi decides to leave a little something behind when we go shopping. I was mortified that day!

This Time Last Year…More Stops

This time last year
The stops seemed to be getting worse
In fact i was even considering giving up because we weren’t getting anywhere.

I had tried being really positive but it didn’t really work. I discovered that when we went shopping though in a new place she didn’t stop at all.

I was still spending ushi on her lead in the garden but now she goes on her own since i don’t have to chase her or anything any more and she will come straight up again.

My rehab worker had told me that i must persevere with Ushi and to ring the team if i had any problems. I didn’t want to ring them all the time though.

I think it was this time last year when my dad and sister commented on how i walked much faster with Ushi than i did when i was being guided. My sister even suggested that i was walking quicker so i would be matched quicker. That had really annoyed me at the time. Number one i couldn’t really keep that up throughout the whole process, and number two the instructors would have noticed straight on class. They are cool now though.

Her stopping was that bad last year that i wanted to give her back, and i really felt horrible for saying that.

Ushi still stops now, but in my next entry i’ll explain how it stopped. I know she does it now because she is bored.

I’m sorry for so many posts.

This Time Last Year…Has The Stopping Stopped?

I thought that this time last year
The problems i was experiencing
Were sorted since i had aftercare. It did sort it out for a while.

The instructor who came to see me said i just needed to be really positive, and that should hopefully stop the stopping. She said that i would be firm if i needed to be, but to try and be a bit more positive. (When she had stopped i had just corrected her).

Unfortunately the stops continued for a while after. I think my next entry is when the district team manager had to come out and see why Ushi was stopping.

Today we had two very good walks. We only had one sniff and she indicated that there was an obsticle at one point (it was a stick), but i thought that Ushi was just being Ushi. I don’t think she liked the wind though as she kept slowing way down. We mostly had normal speeds though which was good. Sometimes she’ll slow way down and kind of crawl along.

In other news my wee brother got his cast off today. He was orriginally meant to stay in for two or three days but the physio theropist says that because he has been so active they are letting him out tonight. He will have to basically learn to walk again propperly though. He is still very nervous to stand but they said that will just take time for him to get his confidence back.

I’m writing this in a notepad document since we don’t have internet. I’ll probably post this tomorrow.

I’m gonna go now and find something else to do.

Oh by the way this is my 400th post!

This Time Last Year…The Stops

I am glad to say that Ushi is totally back to her old self and wasn’t sick since Wednesday morning. So god knows what she got into!

This time last year,
The stops
Started. Again i thought i had done something terribly wrong.

Thankfully back then the stopping wasn’t as major as it did get. It was still really strange though. I actually thought the reason she stopped the first time was that she couldn’t see in the dark!

I also had a couple of annoying kids. They are still annoying today but thankfully i manage to do my walks when they are not around. They don’t try to feed her now but are still very ignorant and if i do come across them they continue to walk in front of Ushi. They are the type that will never learn.

I can’t remember when the next post will be, but October last year was quite a bad month. Thankfully now i’ve sorted out those kinks.

Oh and when i’m away
Next weekend
I might use
Audio Boo
To record what i’m doing each day. I haven’t decided yet.

Ushi And The Rain

Over the last couple of days we’ve had loads and loads of rain.

Ushi never used to be a fan of rain, and would dawdle along, trying to go into every driveway until we got out of our estate. Then she would just get on with the journey. I had to allow an extra 10 minutes to our journey when it was raining, to allow for her dawdles. I could handle this. I just told her to “get on with it!” a few times in a firm voice and eventually she got the picture. That was until today.

On Monday night we were about to go on our walk, when it started to rain really heavily as well as some thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure. I spent Ushi anyway thinking that she would be grand. She came in, and I got her harnessed up. We got to the top of our path before it started to thunder. We went into get better coats, and went out again. We got to the top of the path before we had a stop and lots of trembling from Ushi. I tried to get her going again before I thought that it just wasn’t worth it. So we turned and just went back into the house. She went up stairs as normal, and her tail was wagging. She was quite alert whenever there was more thunder, but then she just went off to her bed, not bothered. She didn’t tremble for the rest of the time that there was thunder.

When we were out, I just got to the top of our path which isn’t that long, and I only tried to get her to go twice before I noticed she was trembling and took her back inside.

She was grand the rest of the night and didn’t care about the thunder outside.

When it was time for her last spend of the night, it decided to chuck it down again. Ushi just stood there, then went out to the hall and just stood there. I tried to get our pet dog to go out to see if Ushi would follow her, but she didn’t. I stood trying to persuade her, before going and getting her lead and a treat. (I don’t use the lead now for spending, and just let her go out on her own). I attached her lead, and she really dug her heels in. I had to drag her practically and actually go out with her, as well as bribe her with a treat for her to actually go out. She came back in very quickly! I wasn’t sure if she had actually done anything though, so when the rain finally stopped i let her out again to make sure she had gone.

Yesterday it was just windy really and we managed to miss the showers which was good.

Today however was a different story. We walked grand to the quilting which was today instead of the usual monday. Well she almost did. She was very distracted at one point, and I thought there was someone with a dog or something as it was that kind of distraction. I don’t know if it was a dog or if it was just her. Then just as we were about to head into the shopping centre where I quilt, she got very bouncey, and not the “oh i’m excited about going somewhere new” kind of bounce. Then this woman was like “Hello boy”, which made her really exciteable which isn’t really like her. She will usually just wag her tail, but this was like she used to do in the early days. (She used to jump whenever someone ran up to us, for example). I just said to the woman if they could please not pet her as she was working, and the woman just walked off. (I thought that was pritty good of me cause I usually just can’t manage to say not to pet her). She was grand when we got into the shopping centre though!

On the way home it was a huge stop when we were trying to get out of the door of the shopping centre. There was nothing there, but I eventually got sighted assistance and got out of the door in the end as we had wondered on a bit as i thought maybe there was a way around the obsticle I thought was there. Then it was another stop, and after a while we got her going again. It was another stop further on down the street, and then at the point where she got distracted this morning by the possible non existent dog, she stopped dead. This was just as the heavens decided to open! As soon as the drops hit her, she kept backing up a little. I tried to even do an “sit/wait” to see if that would maybe focus her, but she would not go and hung her head and her tail was down. Being firm wasn’t working, so I tried being positive and eventually she decided to go! She then wouldn’t go forward if we had to cross roads after cars had driven past. I had to step out in the road when it was quiet to get her gonig, but she was going to stop again in the middle of the road, but I just got on to her and she kept going. It seemed to be when the cars sprayed the water they had driven through all over the road she was reluctant to move.

She has never done this before, and usually once I get her going she will keep going. But today was the worst she has been. (There wasn’t even any thunder).

So I don’t know what’s up. I think she doesn’t like water on her paws. Well I would presume not as she will do anything in her power not to walk through puddles, for example.

It was bareable when she would dawdle at the start of our route, because then I knew I just had to persevere and she would eventually go. But today wasn’t good at all. This has been the heaviest rain we’ve had and that she’s been used to though. When I got her, we had one really bad day on class, and mostly it was just drizzles since then. It hasn’t chucked it down before now.

When my Guide dog mobility instructor had Ushi for her advanced training last year it was during the summer, so we didn’t have that much rain, so she wasn’t used to Ushi being so stubborn about it.

I want to know what to do about it though. I mean we can’t just not work in case it rains, or just get a taxi home when it does rain. If we’re out and we get caught in a shower, we will just have to keep going. Was I maybe not firm enough/positive enough? Is there anything I can do if she is going to be like this from now on when it rains? (It’s going to be a long frustrating summer if this is going to be what she will do when it rains heavily).

My friend suggested I should get a rain coat for her lol, but that wouldn’t protect the princess paws.

Have any of you ever had a dog who hates the rain? I think the district team won’t know anything much to do apart from maybe being more firm or positive, but knowing me she would be an angel when they came out! (She was
Last time
When I mentioned that she was stopping again).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to get soaked when it rains, and would like to get home at some point!

It’s About Time….

That mum let me on the computer again!! Yes you guessed it, it’s Ushi again. I thought i’d tell you what i’ve been up to for the last while…. Mum has probably already told you all of this, but she hasn’t told my side of it!!

After we had been qualified about a week, I started to stop loads. Mum got really frustrated and tried to get me to go forward. There was this place where there had been a fire, and some kind people had put up a barrier. We got around it, but when they took it away, I just didn’t want to go past this part. It was at night, and mum kept going on at me. She then got her dad i think to come down and look at my paws. What did you need to do that for? There’s nothing wrong with my paws!!

I kept stopping at this place, until mum got the instructor person to come out. It wasn’t my old mum, I don’t know where she has got to. She told mum to praise me loads, and tell me what a good girl I was. Mum had gone straight for that horrible lead correction! I still kept stopping, and by the wednesday of that week, I just wouldn’t go any further than the front door. It was really really really raining so mum took me back inside. Thank god. I hate getting my paws wet! I thought that we weren’t going to work, but mum went back out again when it had finished raining. I just kept stopping.

Eventually mum had to get another instructor person to come out. I just kept stopping for like 4 days, and mum couldn’t go very far. Plus she was getting really really worried.

Before the instructor man came out, mum took me into town with her dad and her sister. That was really really exciting, although I did not like the slippy slidy floor in one of the shops!

That was really exciting, and mum thought that it might cheer me up a bit and get me going again on our walks. But that wasn’t the case lol.

I was really naughty when the instructor man came out. I heard mum saying to me that morning when she was taking me out for my busy that I needed to be good, as this man was a “district team manager” whatever they are. What’s a district team? Anyway, I think he is pritty important, so mum was a bit nervous. I was just lying there at mums feet nice and quietly, and the instructor man came. I just hadn’t seen him in like ages, and I had only met him once. I decided to try and jump up on him, so mum had to get up and correct me! He didn’t pay attention to me though, so I had to lie down again after it. Mum and him talked for a while, and I tried to get way over to the small squeaky things (mum says they are called “guinny pigs” but I can’t see them cause i would eat them.). I don’t want to see them anyway! I just wanted to see what mum would do. She ket pulling, but I tried to win. Then the man said to give me a hard pull, well not hard to hurt me, to get me over. I lay quietly after that.

Basically the instructor man says that I was just being a “Madam”. (Shhhhhhh, don’t tell mum!). He says that she has to kind of flick my lead forward to get me to go forward. She always did it on a short lead, but the man says I need the lead to be long. (Not as long as when i’m doing my busy, but where the shiny thing is at the end of my lead). I decided that I would just get on with it, as I didn’t like when mum flicked me forward, and used a cross voice. Plus I knew mum would get frustrated if I didn’t do what I was told.

So I have been working well. I managed a sneaky jump up onto a person we met in the street, but mum corrected me again, so I only did it the once. I was really sneaky, you see. I waited quietly, then when mum was least expecting it, boing! She was not a happy bunny.

We had big bangy things over the weekend. Mum was worried in case i’d be affected, as she has heard of some doggies like me having to retire from work. I would hate for that to happen, as even though it’s kind of boring at the minute (mum only knows three routes), I wouldn’t like to not be able to work. After all, that would mean that mum would need a new doggie to guide her, but everyone knows that that. is. my. job. Anyway I didn’t even notice those big bangy things, but mum wouldn’t take me for a free run because of them. I’ve told you before mum, I don’t mind them! I just snored on my comfy bed.

Oh, did I mention my new blanket? Mum says it’s from “auntie Julie” whoever she is. I think she is mums friend. Anyway mum says that it says “Ushi’s blanket” on it, and has a paw print. Mum got it in the post, and I just knew it was for me. She spread it on the floor when she got it to see if i liked it, and boy was it comfy! She then let me come downstairs, as her little brother wasn’t around (I wish he was, as he always drops food, but mum always tells me to leave it.). I’m just being her hoover so she doesn’t have to worry about it. She braught my blanket downstairs, and I got really hyper, and then rolled the blanket into a ball, and licked it.

Mum has now put that blanket on my bed, and I lie on it more than my fleese. Sometimes I lie on it when I want to be close to mum though.

On Sunday we all went out to town. Mum worked me to the shop, then we waited until she could grab dads arm and hold on to my lead. I had to lie down on the ground while she ate something called chocolate, (which I couldn’t have apparently), then we headed off to a shopping centre. I started to pull on the way, but mum just told me to steady. She thought that I was just excited, but I really needed to go to the toilet!

We went into this horrible place that smelt like the vets, but mum got something for her teeth. It’s in a bottle so i’m not sure what it is. She says it’s “mouth wash”, but I don’t understand why she would need to wash her mouth? Doesn’t she use tooth paste like me? (I love my chicken tooth paste! And the little brush tickles lol).

Anyway I really needed to go to the toilet. We went into the shopping centre, and I pulled to the left. Mum says it was like I was distracted, but I just had to go. I know that all good guide dogs should never ever go to the toilet in a shopping centre, but I had held it in all day, and was really really in need! So I had to do my busy. Mum didn’t shout at me, but I knew she was disappointed. Some cleaning people came, and cleaned it up. I felt ashamed.

Mum and her sister took me outside, and mum tried to see if I had to go again, but I didn’t. She then went home with her dad and sister, and the small brother who doesn’t drop food. She let me go on some grass, but I just did a pee. She then worked me home. (She wants me to tell you that she says thanks for all the comments regarding my busy in the shopping centre). Wait a minute, I don’t discuss when you do your busies, so why do you discuss mine? It’s not ladylike, you know.

We had some more bangy things that night, but I didn’t care. It was a tiring day.

On Monday we had nothing but wet stuff all day. I just dawdled along lol, and mum only did the small route. Yesterday was wet too, but mum didn’t let me just do the small route. I was okay when we crossed the road and did the big walk, as I knew mum didn’t really know the way back, so we had to do the way she was used to. Plus the rain calmed down a bit.

Today mum first of all worked me, then we had to go to the vet. Mum put the halty thing on me, as she says that I am much calmer with that on. I don’t really like it, but I suppose I need it on. I got weighed today, so that wasn’t too bad. While mum was getting the book that I have filled in (so that guide dogs can pay), a nice lady came up and talked to mum. She said that she had 2 guide dogs, but today she was just here with two puppies. Were they guide doggies too? She was a nice lady and told me that I was beautiful (I know I am).

We then went home.

Mum says that tomorrow I need to be a good girl as we are getting our pictures taken. She says that rehab man (the person who told mum to apply for a doggie like me and taught her how to use that stick) is taking me and her to some place. We are just getting pictures taken to show a newly qualified partnership or something. She says it’s not fundraising, and it’s just a picture. Mum got all worried, but rehab man says that he checked with the instructors, and they said it was fine as long as mum didn’t talk to the picture people about guide dogs. She also says we might go for coffee afterwards.

I will try my best to be behave. I don’t want mum shouting at me, after all. I hear though that another one of mums friends has a guide dog!! I can’t wait to meet him!

I better go here, as my paws are getting sore. Before I go though, mum says I have to mention about her friend
Who has a very sick cat. I like to play with cats, but when we are working mum doesn’t let me. We can’t have any cats at home as mums sister gets sick when she comes near them. But I hope you get better soon Tiacat, and I heard that her doggie is sicky bad too! Get better soon all of you.

I really must go here-I think I need a sleep after all that typing.

Waggies and woofies,

Ushi xx.