Ushi Update

Last time i wrote, i was in
<a href=""a serious muddle
About Ushi. She had sat down twice during her work and i could not get her moving. I seriously thought she had decided not to work.

On Monday i think it was, I took Ushi out and she worked. There was no hint of a sit down. I was so thrilled. Fair enough, it was only a walk, but i don’t mind just a walk with no destination. I didn’t work her yesterday and today i didn’t work her until later because we were in the middle of Storm Frank, so it was windy city all round. Again today there was no hint of a sit own at all. I am so thrilled. I was prepared to have to make that dreaded phone call to guide dogs and was planning my routes factoring in using the cane.

I kind of feel like i was being a little paranoid in my last post. Sorry for the drama but it really did put the willies up me. I can cope with Ushi being stubborn, but the sitting down really threw me.

Obviously, i will keep an eye on things and if it happens again then i’ll deal with it, but i’m hoping it was some sort of a blip.

As an aside, Ushi is still wanting to play with Angel our pet dog. She is actually initiating the play, whereas before, she just about tollerated Angel. I wouldn’t say she’s best buds with her, but it’s a deffinet improvement on how standoffish she used to get.

I’m so glad she is working well though-i don’t need another scare like that for a while.

What Am I Thankful For?

Even though I’m not celebrating Thanks giving, I thought i’d write a post just about what i’m thankful for. I have been thinking about it for a while now. So here is a list of what i am thankful for…

I am thankful to be able to get up out of bed and greet the day. It’s great just to get up and go.
Having a beautiful doggy great me every morning!
A wonderful district team, who, without them, I wouldn’t have the necessary orientation and mobility skills to work with a guide dog. They are there any time during the day, and it’s great just knowing that there is someone who is willing to come and see you if you are having any problems, or just to know there is someone on the phone willing to give you some advice!
Having technology to enable me to blog!
Being able to just go out when and where I want with Ushi. I would never have gone out alone with a cane!
And finally, Friends and family.

I’m sure there is more that we can all be thankful for, but we would be there all year otherwise!

Happy thanks giving to anyone celebrating. It’s so good to just reflect sometimes and really appreciate the things that matter! Sorry for the cheesyness.