The Antrim Show 2012

Today we were at the Antrim Agrecultural show again.

We weren’t really sure what way we were going to work it since two of our guide dog owners couldn’t make it. I said i was willing to do all day if it was necessary. (Here in the UK we are only allowed to have our dogs fundraising for two hours at a time).

I was up in Derry on Fridday for a volunteering event and street collection. I asked if the derry branch organiser would come up to help, but told him not to worry if he couldn’t. He agreed straight away and said that as long as someone could meet him off the train, he would come no problem.

So this morning, my rehab worker collected the guide dog owner at Ballymena train station and we then headed up to the show. My rehab worker was taking his kids up too, so we had a full car.

When we got there the two dogs got very excited as there was a pen full of little beegle pups that kids could pet. Of course the dogs wanted to play!

I decided to bring two bottles of water, since there were two guide dogs. They didn’t even last 5 minutes! Inis, who was the other guide dog drank the second bottle. Ushi wanted to drink out of the bowl any time Inis did because it was her bowl. Luckily there was plenty of water available during the day.

A woman and her husband came to help us with their dog Bradey. Bradey is a retriever. The woman works at
Legal island
Who we received a presentation from for £220 back in March I think. They want to become full time volunteers which is great. The husband has a background in sales and knows people from Antrim counscil. So he was wonderful at promoting our
Go walkies
Event which i’ll post about another day. I think they will be a great help to the branch, and it means we have some volunteers from Antrim, which we didn’t have before.

I was expecting the dogs to get restless since they hadn’t done a whole day before, but they were grand and just fell asleep. Ushi did have a full flood when we took her to pee at one point lol. But that was because she was being greedy with her water! At one point the branch organiser litterally had to hold her bowl up for her since she couldn’t be bothered moving to get a drink.

It was much quieter than last year but that could have been because there were some nasty showers about. Still we raised £301. It’s down from last year, but only by £49, and it was £301 we wouldn’t have had at the start of the day.

I’m so glad we were able to work the show. Normally we would have been covered for dogs, but the other two owners were on holiday. I would like to than the Derry branch organiser for coming up from Derry. The craic was great all day.