The Ballymena Show 2012

Yesterday was the 2012
Ballymena show
Which we again were fundraising for guide dogs.

I decided to work Ushi before i was collected, but by the time we got back Ushi was very hot. It was about 23 degrees Celsious.

So when we got to the show it was very hot indeed for Ushi. She pulled quite a bit when we got out of the car even though i had her harness on. I was informed that there was a wallaby opposite us! I would have thought it would have been too cold for it to be kept over here but apparently not.

Ushi spent our two hours just lying under the table. She was so warm. Alot of kids from Carninny primary school came up because they recognised Ushi! At least they did pay attention that day lol.

A woman came up to us who had done a
Go walkies event
Last year and had remembered ushi. She is going to volunteer at the Antrim show which will be in a couple of months i think. So hopefully she will volunteer in the branch at other events.

One of the schools my friend did a talk to, one of their teachers came up to tell us that they were putting posters up, and sending letters home to parents to get them to sign the petition for guide dogs food to be excempt from Vat. This is brilliant news! She also got a local MLA involved. So that sounds very promising.

By that time it was time for me to go home. Ushi spent the rest of the day sleeping.

I personally think it was too warm for dogs, but then again it’s the dogs who bring in the money so we couldn’t really not take them.

Later on my rehab worker decided to have a b b q for anyone who wanted to come out of the branch. So me, the treasurer and another volunteer went along. It was a great nights craic and we didn’t leave until 10 o’clock.

So it was quite a good day apart from it being too warm. Ushi didn’t attend the b b q and got to chill at home.

Oh and we raised £531!