First Day After Qualification

It felt rather weird not having to get up for the instructors. Obviously i had to get up for feeding and spending, but I went back to bed again until about 11 o’clock lol.

I was very hesitant to go out a walk today, because of the yappy dogs from yesterday. I did a bigger block route, (the matching walk), as I knew there would be no dogs there. I still hesitated a bit before doing it!

Well we eventually set off. I pretended that there was an instructor there just to make me a bit more confident. She was a bit distracted on some parts, but i got her going, and kept her moving.

The best part was that on my last down kerb before my house, I usually hae to turn loads because i’m not sure where i am, but i didn’t have to do that at all! I just crossed straight over, and didn’t go into the guiding road at all! Yay!

I chilled for the rest of the day after that. I was a bit worried because i had only done the one walk, so texted my instructor to see if that was okay. She said yes, and that it doesn’t matter as long as you work her each day if you can.

I am glad the walk went well which was good.

Last night I decided to take Ushi downstairs, since our pet dog went to a new home yesterday. Well the missus thought that she was a queen!!! She just wondered about loads and had a wail of a time exploring. I braught her flease down too, and she did two huge big shakes, and then lay down.

So it was a good solo day without the instructors, and nothing horrible happened!