Visiting Ushi’s Puppywalkers

On Friday me and Ushi decided to visit Ushi’s puppywalkers. I wasn’t too sure about it as i got the impression they weren’t too keen, but they had said yes so i arranged it. I was just reading in to the messages i think. I thought i’d just book the weekend in case it didn’t go too well.

So on Friday me and Ushi got the half 7 ferry. I wanted to spend as much time as i possibly could with them. I was too early for the check in so i hung around until it was time to check in. Whilst i was hanging around, i met a man who bread pheasants. He was going over to Scotland to get a couple of birds. He said he had about 60 birds altogether. He told me that one of his birds was rather expensive. It had been let out of the cage to join his flock and it flew off. I’m sure that was a real kick in the teeth for him. He was a nice man and it passed the time. Not that we had long to wait. I just went up to the check in desk and they knew straight away who i was which was cool. I got handed my boarding card and waited until the bus that stenaline provides to come to take you on to the boat.

When i got on the boat i was asked where i wanted to go. I didn’t have a clue so i just went to the coffee lounge. I got a cup of tea and connected to the wifi. It was a very smooth crossing and there was a member of staff who came and got me at the end of the sailing. We went up the gangway instead of getting the bus. I heard some people saying it was a mile long but i don’t think it was as it didn’t seem that long at all. The woman from Stenaline took me on to the bus too. I nearly died when the driver told me how much it was. £17.50 from cairnryan to glasgo. Of course i only had £10 on me. It was a big coach but i still didn’t expect it to cost so much. Unfortunately it was a two hour journey so i ended up feeling quite sick as that happens on a long bus or car journey for some reason. But thankfully it was only the feeling and nothing else came of it.

We were in Glasgo station for about 5 minutes when Ushi’s puppywalkers came to meet me. That station seemed incredibly busy. I don’t think i was expecting it to be so busy. Ushi didn’t really react when Jeniffer said hi to me but when she bent down to see Ushi, she was really bouncey and was jumping all over her. But as soon as i picked up the harness she was back in working mode which was good. She got up in to the car no problem too. I had sent the puppywalker a text as i wasn’t sure how she would react and i wanted to warn them in case she was quite hyper. They were grand about it though.

When we got to Jeniffers house I went in first with Jeniffers dad and said hi to Faldo. Faldo didn’t want to be a guide dog. Ushi and Jeniffer came in shortly after. Jeniffers mum came in shortly after and we sat down for a bit of lunch. I noiticed straight away how Ushi just seemed to slot in to the family. It was like she had never been away. She was particularly attached to Jeniffers dad and followed him everywhere. I know that wouldn’t always happene but in Ushi’s case she just fitted right in.

After lunch me, Jeniffer and her mum headed in to hamelton for a bit of shopping. It was a chance for them to see Ushi working. Bless them though they were really panicky. They weren’t sure that Ushi would take me round obsticles. They had only seen Ushi working for a short time in Forfar and i don’t think they were really taking it in. They just needed to trust Ushi which i think they found really hard.

We had dinner of mince and tackos before the rest of the family came round to see Ushi. She was a big hit and we were all ready for our beds by the time 9 o’clock came. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly because the next thing i knew was kicking my ipad off the bed. Thankfully it landed the right side up which was good.

When i went to feed Ushi the next morning it took me quite a while to find the kitchen. Jeniffers dad had to come get me lol. The house is so big you can easily get lost. Once i found it i couldn’t believe how simple it was to find. We started the morning with porridge and some fruit. I’d never had fruit in my porridge and it was really nice. We then headed off to a dog park for the dogs to have a run around. I’d never been to a dog park before so it was quite different. It was just a fenced off part of the park that dogs could run around in but it was away from kids and that kind of thing. It was a nice way to staart a morning.

We chilled for a while before heading out to lunch at Jeniffers work. It was a dog friendly hotel so the chef baked ushi a special dog biscuit. I panicked as usually when i’m told the chef is baking something i always know it’s going to be bad but this wasn’t. I had a steak burger and chips and a coke. It was a very nice hotel.

Since it was such a lovely day we sat outside for a while. We were going to go to an ice hockey game when Jeniffer came home but we were all tired so we just watched Strictly come dancing and chilled.

Unfortunately Sunday was our last day but again we decided to make the most of it. We started with tea in bed and porridge. I managed to find the kitchen which was good so Ushi got fed nice and early. We went for a nice three mile walk around Strathclide park. It was a nice walk and thankfully it stayed dry.

We came back and had some lunch and chilled beofre we headed home. Since i started to feel sick on Friday Jeniffers father took me to air which meant a shorter journey which was good. Bless Jeniffers father though he thought i should have got the bus travel free but unfortunately my bus pass didn’t work over there, not that i was expecting it to though.

On the ferry home i got a half roast chicken chips and peas and a pepsy. Again it was a smooth crossing and i even got a back and shoulder massage as the boat has a spa on it. So that was deffinetly a nice end to a lovey trip.

I didn’t appreciate the random drunk who tried to chat me up outside the ferry port in Belfast. I had just booked a taxi and he told me there was a taxi going if i fancied a drink. I told him i didn’t drink and he said he would take me out for a meal. He even asked for a kiss. Thankfully his taxi arrived which was good. I seem to attract the weirdos though.

I would like to thank the bairds for having me. It was interesting to hear all about what Ushi was like as a pup. It was a great way to spend our third qualification. Thanks again and hopefully we won’t leave it so long next time.

Puppy Pictures!

A few days ago Ushi’s puppywalker emailed me some photos of her as a pup. I’m not even sure if I should be putting these up, but I thought you would all like to see them. I’m sure this will be okay me putting these up.

There are quite alot of them, so sorry. Thanks again


For the descriptions. I promise these will be the last you’ll have to do for a while! Anyway here are the pictures….