National Lottery Good Causes Award For Blind Tennis

As many of you know, i took up blind, or VI tennis approximatly 2 years ago after i was introduced to it at May fest in 2016. Since then, a pilot was set up in Belfast initially for 6 weeks, but it is now full time at

Windsor tennis

From not knowing how to play tennis, we have learnt how to play it propperly as well as taking part in our first tennis tournament in Dublin as well as playing local matches against each other. 5 of the players took part in the world blind tennis championships at the end of April in Dublin and loved every minute. Our coach has gained a qualification in teaching blind tennis and we all have been provided with our own rackets. The tennis wouldn’t be possible without

Disability sport NI

Who fund the tennis as well as Sport Ireland and the national lottery. Disability sport also had those initial conversations with Windsor to try and get a club up and running. The tennis would not happen without Windsor itself and the fabulous coaches and volunteers who really make the tennis what it is. Not only do they provide encouragement, but we are treated like normal tennis players who just happen to have a visual impairment.

The whole blind tennis programme in general have been nominated for a national lottery good causes award which is the main crux of this post really. Voting opened yesterday and hopefully, we will go further if all of you kind people please vote for us. Here is a bit about the nomination and the voting process below from Disability sport.

“We are very excited to share the news that the Blind Tennis Programme at Windsor has been shortlisted for the National Lottery Good Causes Awards. The National Lottery Awards are an annual search to find the UK’s favourite National Lottery-funded projects. They celebrate the inspirational people and projects who do extraordinary things with National Lottery funding. The project started at Windsor and has developed over the last 2 years, so much so that we have a second Blind Tennis Club up and running at CIYMS Belfast, more people playing the sport, opportunities for children to get involved as well as adults and many opportunities for competition. We are the only project in Northern Ireland to be shortlisted to be a finalist from around 700 entries, and we are absolutely delighted. The winning project receives a cash price and a night at the BBC Studios in England. Therefore, we need your help to encourage people to vote for us!!

Please share the link below with as many of your contacts as possible to encourage them to both vote and also to share it with their own networks.


People can vote using this number


Calls cost 5p and connection charges may be applied by some networks, so please check with your provider.

Only one vote per email address, social media account or telephone number counts so please vote from all three platforms if you can. Online, Twitter and Telephone.

Information on the project can be found on the webpage that the voting is linked to.

This campaign will run for one month from today.”

So could i please ask everybody to vote? You can share it on facebook and Twitter using the hashtag

#NLABlindTennis. Thank you so much for voting and fingers crossed for a positive result 🙂

Mango Minster Voting

Just a quick one before i go and do my quilting.

Voting for the Mango minster 2012 Bad sports categry is now open. I even got a nice email from Mango saying that voting would open today and she asked if i could leave comments and all. She emailed because she had put the voting details in a picture and didn’t think i could read them. How thoughtful! I really appreciated it.

So voting closes at 5 PM eastern time but i’m not sure what time that will be here in the UK. If you wouldn’t mind, go vote for
Ushi’s Entry
I think you vote by leaving a comment. Let me just say that i entered this compitition for fun so i’m not really in it to win. If i do that would be nice though.

You can see the other bad entries

Good luck and happy voting!

Nicky Needs Your Votes

A friend of mine,
Nicky Kealy

Has been singing in a compitition over the last couple of weeks. It’s called Glor tire and it is on TG4 which unfortunately is an iresh channel so we can’t get it up here in the north. I can however let you hear
An early song
That he did called “Limric you’re a lady”.

The compitition has now reached the ellimination rounds. Unfortunately voting for each week closes at 12 o’clock in the afternoon every Wednesday so i’m a bit late in posting this, but if Nicky is in next weeks show, please text Glor7 to 81108 in the UK, or 53307 in the republic of Ireland. You can vote as many times as you like.

So even if you can’t watch the show itself i’m sure Nicky would appreciate every vote he gets. So it’s Glor7 to 81108 in the UK and Glor7 to 53307 in the republic.