The RNIB Ad Causing A Storm

I read a blog today that had an advert from the RNIB. The blog was saying all about the way the advert portrayed blind and partially sighted people. I clicked on it thinking it wasn’t that bad. How wrong was I!

The advert features a little girl called Emma. It talked about how Emma loved to play with her friends, read, ride her bike and count the stars as she went to sleep. That’s grand. Then it goes on to say “one day the stars gradually began to fade. Her mornings became dim and her world became a blurr” or something similar. The little girl then calls for her mum, and doesn’t know where the mother is. It then says “2 million people in the UK live with sight loss. We must help them and we must do it now”. It then says that if you donate, you’ll give a blind child their childhood.

Now, I don’t know what it is like to lose vision. But i found the whole thing very upsetting and offensive. Did I and many others not have a childhood because we couldn’t see? Did we not ride a bike, or read? Did we not know where our parents were? Were we completely helpless?

You can check out the vidio yourself

What kind of perception does this give to the public? I hope nobody in their right mind donates, or if they do, I hope they do it because they want to, not because of some pity party.

I might write a email to them about this. We can’t let them continue! There are ways to ask for donations, but not like that. If anyone wants to complain, you can do so by
Clicking here
(That’s the short link for Twitter but it should still work).

I found this advert a complete disgrace! Shameful!

I’m away to do something useful.