Blogging 101:Titles And Taglines

Todays blogging 101 challenge is to think of a title and tagline for your blog. I’ve been a bit bored of my title for a while now, but don’t know what to change it to.

When i first started blogging, my title was something like “A good dose of nerdiness with a pinch of salt”. At that time, i liked a lot of medical programs and such so i think that was where that came from. As i matured and moved blogs, it became “The average blog by an average blogger”. I believe that my blog is no better thananyone elses so that’s why i’m “the average blog”. I’ve thought about changing it, but to be honest, i can never think of something that is catchy and any name i choose never really fits my blog. WordPress didn’t even want me to write that as it kept kicking me out of the app.

My tagline is “this is my little corner of the bloggasphere where anything can happen”. I changed it slightly from what it used to be and i think i’m happy with that, but my blog title is another story :(.

So not much of a post today, but just a ramble about why my blog is called what it is. So what made you choose your blog title and are you happy with it now? Would you change it? If so why?