Blogging 101:Introduce Yourself To The World

I feel my blog has been a bit lifeless lately, so i’m taking part in wordpresses Blogging 101 course for the next 30 days. A lot of you will already know a lot about me, so i hope you won’t all get bored. Anyway, here is my post for today.

Introducing myself

Hmm where to start… I took part in one of these courses a couple of years ago but just flitted in and out of it. Here goes.

My name is Torie. I’ve been blogging for about 8 years now. I started when i was about 16 because i was bored one day. I had no idea what a blog was or how to use it. Believe me, my writing was so immature back then. I’d litterally start each post with the word “Hi” or something similar lol. Thank goodness i have hopefully moved on from that. Anyway my blog has existed on 3 different platforms but i’m happy here at WordPress.

I am a guide dog owner working my first dog Ushi. I must say, she is a brilliant edition to my life.

I’m always at something, whither it be doing talks to different groups about guide dogs, to campaigning about issues that are important to visually impaired people, to fundraisin. I am currently the branch organiser of our local guide dogs fundraising branch. I also sit on the board of a charity which helps parents of visually impaired children. I also sit on the disability pannel for our local health trust. So as you can see, i’m a busy woman.

I hope to discover more blogs along the way, and hopefully meet some interesting bloggers through this challenge.

I look forward to participating and hopefully i’ll not run out of things to say or write. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and do say hi if you do :).