Zero To Hero:National Citizin Service Talk

I’ve been really slacking on my
Zero to hero posts
Oops. The wordpress app is working on my ipad again so i can post from here at least. It’s not working on my iphone yet though.

On Saturday i was asked to do a talk to about 200 young people at the titanic centre Belfast. It was a woman from
Volunteer now
Who asked me. It was for the national cytizins Service program or
Which is a program for 15 to 17 year olds. It is only in Northern Ireland for a short time. The young people do a month program. They go on a residential and they do things like team building and stuff. They have to then create a social action project. This could be things like doing work for charity, to collecting things for the homeless.

On Saturday the young people were collecting their certifficates and then some of them were collecting their 200 hours for volunteering under the mellenium volunteers scheme.

The day didn’t start until about 2 o’clock. There was a volunteer fair first of all, before the main awards. I would first of all like to say a huge thank you to Eamer who was from
Cooperation Ireland
Who helped deliver the ncs program. She stayed with me from i arrived right up until the end. She made sure i had whatever i needed, along with making sure i knew what was happening throughout the day. She even showed me the layout of the room before i was due to do my presentation. When i did my talk, which had to be prepared, she possitioned me correctly at the lecturn, and even carried my guide dogs award up which the volunteer now people wanted me to show off. I wasn’t as nervous as i thought i would be, even though the minister for social development was there as well as the young people. I had to talk about when i started volunteering, and i had to incoporate some of the values of ncs such as mixing with people from different social backgrounds, and chalenging yourself.

We also had a talk by a young person who was now the ncs ambasador for Northern Ireland, along with a performance from Conor Scott who was from the voice.

It was a great day and i got a £50 amazon voucher and a little badge from cooperation ireland. Both are presented in lovely boxes too. The box looks like it is something that would be given to big corporate donners or something.
Here is a picture of the lovely presentation box for the badge.

This is a picture of the presentation box.  It was especially commissioned by cooperation ireland for people who had helped out or whatever.  It says Slim Barrot on the front

This is the lovely black pouch the badge is presented in.  It has the Slim Barrot logo in silver

Finally here is the box the voucher came in. I have no idea what i will buy though lol.

This is tha amazon presentation box for the voucher.  It has an orange ribbon around it.

I would like to thank volunteer now and cooperation Ireland for inviting me. I would also like to thank the young people for listening to me and the colleraine ncs crowd who took me home since they had an almost empty bus. It was such a great day.

“ABC UK” By James Dunn

I recently won a compitition that the charity
Living Paintings
Which does books with raised pictures and an audio accompaniment for blind and partially sighted children and adults. I used to edit books for them when i was a child, and did rent some of their adult books, but found i didn’t much have the time for listening.

So anyway, this compitition was to name a sock monkey that was someones mascott for completing a cycle trip around Paris i think. I can’t even remember what the question was, but i suggested Lilly for the monkey and won it. I still need to get a picture sorted for the living paintings website lol. Included in the box was a book that they wanted to know what i thought. It was called “ABCUK” by James Dunn. With a title like that i thought it was a kids book, but i couldn’t have been more wrong! Yes it is a kids book sort of, but it is all about the ABCS of britain today. Things like “A for Arthur” meaning King Arthur, or “P is for punk”. It starts off with the author’s history, and who is illustrating the book. It then goes into the different letters, followed by some music, then a litle history about the particular thing beginning with that letter. Not all the pictures are raised up, but they are well described. Even the raised up one sare well described.

I like how it seems to be young people doing each letter. I’m sure it was a fun project for them to do.

It was a fun book, and if you were interested in the history etc, it would be even better. My only other problem was that it was written in grade one braille, which isn’t a problem exactly, but rather an annoyance as when you are used to grade 2 it really slows you down! This isn’t a criticism though. I also like that it isn’t just boring people reading, and that it was young people who would have been interested in football and that.

If you would be interested in following living paintings, look for “Living paintings” on Facebook, or follow @Livingpaintings on twitter.

I would encourage people to check this library out. It’s free too to lend a book.

Thanks again for the monkey and i promise i’ll get a pic soon!

Funding From Youth Bank For Seenior Group

Hi. Sorry for posting this so late.

On Wednesday night, I was at a presentaition to collect money for a group run by the local youth club. The group is for older people. We got it from an organisation called Youth Bank. They give funding to groups or clubs that have young people as members. We all had to sit around a table and tell people what we had applied for and what our group was about. We had about 6 different clubs visit our table. It was a really good night. So, this money will mean that we can get out more. Yay!!!!